Why do Tennis Players Wear Arm Compression Sleeves?

Why do Tennis Players Wear Arm Compression Sleeves? - Cambivo
If you are a tennis enthusiast or love watching the sport, you must have noticed that most players wear compression arm sleeves. The arm compression sleeves have proven quite useful for the game, from fashion sense to game improvement.
Tennis is an engaging game that requires significant use of the player's muscles. It has backhand and forehand groundstrokes, the serving motion, as well as several off-balanced shots. Such movements could lead to muscle wear and tear; hence the importance of arm compression sleeves. This guide will illustrate both the features and benefits of arm compression sleeves for tennis players.


Features of compression arm sleeves

A compression sleeve for tennis players is worn over the elbow to help apply some pressure required for proper gameplay. The sleeves are made out of a blend of synthetic fabrics that deliver the compression needed.
The compression sleeves stimulate the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the targeted areas. The increased supply stimulates the muscles, helping them avoid fatigue. That way, players can remain strong during practice or games. It also helps them last longer.
Usually, the compression sleeves used by tennis players cover their elbows, a portion of the biceps, and forearms. The sleeves have four pressure ratings – light, mild, moderate, and firm. The higher the rating, the more compression a player feels. Here are some of the types of compression sleeves available for tennis players.
  • Elbow sleeves
  • Copper elbow sleeves
  • Elbow sleeves with braces
  • Arm sleeves


Benefits of compression arm sleeves

Now that you know the main features of compression sleeves, what do compression arm sleeves do exactly? Well, they deliver a couple of benefits to tennis players. And here are some of the most notable advantages of arm compression sleeves.

They aid in recovery

Tennis players who have recently experienced some muscle injuries can wear arm sleeves to promote recovery. How so? The sleeves are made of advanced fabrics that deliver some elasticity to compress the arm muscles.
The compression provided can help to increase blood flow and stabilize the arm muscles. Such provisions aid in recovery, especially after a player has experienced some minor injuries and also after rigorous activity. However, to reap these benefits, players must choose the right sleeve fit. You don't want to get a too tight or too loose product.

They have pads for protection

Interestingly, arm compression sleeves feature some padding. The pads offer the players some added protection, especially during an engaging game. The padding on these sleeves helps minimize the risk of injury when making hard hits.

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They enhance performance

Tennis arm sleeves are comfortable and keep players' arm muscles cool during hot days and warm during cold days. That way, the muscles remain relaxed, enhancing performance. Additionally, these sleeves provide compression and support to the arm muscles. Consequently, they improve circulation and increase stability, eliminating troublesome joints during gameplay.

They block UV rays

Sometimes, tennis players spend a significant amount of time under the sun, whether during practice or main tournaments. The sun produces UV rays, which have harmful effects on the human body. Fortunately, tennis arm sleeves provide UV protection.

block UV rays

Notably, these sleeves are made out of high-quality materials. These materials also have wicking properties that allow them to absorb sweat to keep you cool when it's warm. Moreover, their UV protection qualities minimize the risk of sunburns.

They can withstand the burn

As mentioned before, tennis arm sleeves are made of high-quality material. As a result, they can withstand significant abuse. They are especially useful for players engaging in a contact sport. The sleeves prevent skin rashes resulting from contact with the tennis court's surface.
Such use is quite beneficial because a skin rash might be significantly painful, affecting a player's performance. Besides, sleeves protect players from the effects of perspiration and sweat, which could agitate rashes, burns, scratches, and cuts that they might have.

They help cover up tattoos

A significant number of tennis players have tattoos. However, not everyone wants to display their tattoos to the entire crowd attending a game. Besides, some people may consider some tattoos inappropriate or offensive. Luckily, tennis arm sleeves cover part of the bicep and forearm. So, if a player wants to cover up a tattoo situated on these body parts, an arm sleeve can come in handy.

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They are fashionable

Tennis arm sleeves feature several designs. Some of these designs are quite attractive, and they feature outstanding colors, which could complement the player's uniform or team colors. So, a tennis player can wear them to add some style. Others also wear sleeves because they like how they look wearing them.


When should tennis players wear arm sleeves?

If you have just adopted tennis, you might be wondering when and where you're supposed to wear the compression sleeves. Usually, tennis arm sleeves solely depend on a player's individual needs.
Some people wear elbow compression sleeves to feel better and keep their joints warm. This is a great way to avoid skin irritation or a painful rash on your arm, but it's not the only reason you should consider wearing an elbow compression sleeve.
The critical question is—how long should you wear an elbow compression sleeve to protect your elbows while exercising? The answer is that there isn't a correct answer for this. It depends on a few factors.
  1. If your elbows are weak, injured, or painful to use, then you should wear an elbow compression sleeve for as long as it is effective for preventing pain and reducing swelling.
  1. If you're starting to workout with your elbows - and I mean just getting started - then you probably shouldn't even wear an elbow compression sleeve. For instance, when playing an intense tennis game, you want to use your elbows efficiently and effectively. If a sleeve hinders you from doing this, I suggest skipping it.
  1. If you need comfort, warmth, and protection, you may need to wear an elbow compression sleeve.
Here are some of the instances where you can wear an arm sleeve:
  1. You can wear your arm sleeve before playing tennis. Doing so can help activate your arm muscles before you get into the game.
  2. Alternatively, you can wear your compression arm sleeves during the game. Tennis is quite an engaging game that involves plenty of arm movement. Therefore, wearing your tennis arm sleeves will help deliver the required support and enhance performance.
  3. You could also wear your tennis arm sleeves after playing the game. What's the essence of this? Well, keeping your sleeves on after the game can reduce soreness and also promote recovery.



Wearing tennis arm sleeves is no longer a fuss. A lot of tennis players, including renowned professionals such as Serena Williams, wear them. The arm sleeves are not only fashionable but also deliver vast benefits.
Notably, tennis arm sleeves contribute to arm muscle recovery after a rigorous game. Besides, they are made of high-quality materials that deliver support, compression, and flexibility that improve performance. All you need is to get the right fit to enjoy the benefits of compression arm sleeves.


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