How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men - Cambivo
The leg of a human being is made up of several muscles which include the hamstrings, gastrocnemius, adductors, soleus, quadriceps and tibialis anterior. When these muscles become inactive for long, they lose their definition and strength.

how to lose thigh fat for men

When you combine inactivity and unhealthy diet, it results to excess fats building up on your thighs. There are many steps on how to lose thigh fat for men, according to Center of Disease Control and Prevention, losing weight requires you to create a caloric deficit. This enables you to expend more energy than the one you take in through diet.
Though creating caloric deficit will make you lose weight, taking exercise and extra measures will enable you to lose fat thigh more quickly. Having a healthy diet and regular exercises will not only help you to efficiently lose thigh fat but will also improve your general health. If you are serious about getting rid of thigh fat, here are ways to get started:

1. Regular physical exercises

Performing regular physical exercise in equal moderation and high intensity will enable you to cut the unwanted fat in your thigh and the rest of your body uniformly. This holistic process of losing weight begins when your body starts to function under the calorie deficiency state. For men, performing the thigh toning exercises will enable you to target the thigh fat thus reducing them accordingly specifically.

Research done by the Disease Control Center (DCC) has recommended having a moderate intensity exercise for about 150 minutes or vigorous activity for 75 minutes every week, but if your goal is to lose weight, then you will have to do more. Running is classified as a vigorous activity, a person who weighs about 154 pounds can burn more than 590 calories every hour when running 5 miles per hour.
According to Mayo Clinic, in order to lose one pound, you will have to create a caloric deficit of about 5,500 calories. The faster you involve yourself with vigorous exercise, the more you will burn calories in a given time.

Do some squats

Squat exercise targets excess fats in the front, upper and outer muscles of your thigh. This procedure can be done in many ways to separate front, outer and upper thigh muscle group. Here are the steps to follow:

  • While maintaining the straight posture, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while keeping the toes pointing outward and resting a barbell on the shoulders.
  • Outspread your back muscle to create a straight shoulder.
  • Bend the knees with the butt while exhaling as you move down
  • Maintain the chest position and move down while slanting forward and maintaining a straight back.
  • Move down as much as possible until the ground, and your thighs are parallel.
  • Maintain this position for a second as you exhale then carefully explode back to your standing position.
  • Repeat this exercise for about 8-10 times to get excellent results.


This exercise can be done in several ways including the straight lunges holding a dumbbell, walking lunges or the one you can execute without dumbbells. Here are the steps:

  • Stand straight holding the dumbbell while keeping your feet shoulder-width distance.
  • Ensure that your back muscle is straight to engage the core.
  • Move one step forward with your one leg and form a scissors-like shape
  • With the back leg facing forward, bend the knees while firmly placing the front step firmly on the ground.
  • While ensuring your back leg is on the ground, pause for a second at this position as you exhale then come back to your original position.
  • Repeat this exercise with the other leg to complete a set.

Lying Butt Bridge

This is another effective method of removing the excess fats in your thigh. It involves forming a 45-degree angle on the ground with your fit and harms on the ground. Here are the steps:
  • Lie on the ground or yoga mat while keeping your knees bent and back flat.
  • While your feet are on the ground, raise your pelvis up towards the ceiling while keeping your arms at your sides until you archive 45 degrees.
  • Flex your thigh and butt as you engage the core for few seconds.
  • Lower yourself back and repeat this process.

Back Kick

This activity involves balancing one leg while keeping the other one slightly above the ground. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:
  • While keeping your butt and core tight, raise one leg and slightly bend your knee.
  • Start leaning forward as you keep your left leg back and raised.
  • Bend your body forward until you feel your hamstrings getting stretched.
  • Squeeze your muscles by focusing on your butt as you move back to your original position.
  • Switch your legs and repeat this exercise multiple times

2. Eating Healthy

Consuming proper diet is another key to losing excess fats and general weight loss. When you take excess calories, excess fats will accumulate around your thigh.
These additional calories will not be burnt even through your routine exercise and which means your body will have additional portions. According to health experts, men should roughly cut around 200 to 400 calories daily.

Recommended diet

  • Proteins – you should eat a diet that has lean proteins. These include fish, soya beans, chicken, and pork.
  • Fruits and vegetables –most green vegetables have antioxidants and vitamins that enhance the process of weight loss. Always eat vegetables such as blueberries and kales.
  • Carbohydrates- diets that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat and oats are absorbed slowly by the body system thus controlling the amount of insulin in the blood.
  • Fats – for lean body shape, consume diets that have good fats. These include avocados, sunflower oil, nuts and foods that are rich in omega 3 and 6.

3. Perform Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is another ideal way of losing thigh fat for men. Center for Disease Control noted that men who like walking around, moving down and up the stairs usually experience some significant weight loss.
Aerobic exercises include activities such as swimming, rope jumping, cycling, and boxing. Apart from being effective in reducing excess fats, this workout also helps to boost the immune system of a person thus improving the general health.
People do several exercises that target a specific part of their bodies. Similarly, there are exercises that focus on your thighs. They allow you to shape, tone , and strengthen your thigh muscles. Well, here are a couple of exercises that can help.


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