Want to Practice Yoga but Poor Flexibility? What Should You do?

Want to Practice Yoga but Poor Flexibility? What Should You do? - Cambivo


If you want to practice yoga but have poor flexibility simultaneously, it is often suggested that you should not start practicing yoga. It is a myth. Yoga is one of the best exercises for those who are not flexible. It is possible to strengthen your body and gain flexibility with regular practice.

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Can everyone be flexible?

It depends on how you define flexibility, but the answer is yes, everyone can be more flexible. However, it takes patience and persistence to reach your goal. The main muscles to focus on if you want more flexibility are the hamstrings (front of legs), quads (back of legs), hip flexors and adductors (inner thighs), back extensors and erectors (lower back), lats (shoulders), and pectoralis major and minor (chest).

Can everyone be flexible

No matter how old you are or how inflexible your body feels, flexibility is not something the young and athletic manage to do. Science shows us that regular stretching and being more flexible offers several far-reaching health benefits, from reduced muscle soreness to relief from joint pain.

How long does it take to get flexible?

It depends on various factors, but a common answer is that it takes ten weeks to see significant results. In the first week, focus on waking up your nervous system and improving mobility. From there, add more time to your practice, and make it a habit to stretch every day. Stretching consistently will help you get more flexible faster — learning how long it takes varies from person to person.

Ensure you are stretching your muscle safely

• Having a daily stretching plan

Although it is one of the Five Components of Physical Fitness, flexibility is probably the most neglected. Not only does poor flexibility can result in a limited range of motion, but it can also affect your posture and cause joint, muscle, or nerve damage. Practicing daily stretches and adding in a few yoga poses can help you stay flexible and prevent injuries.

• Take time to understand your body